EMMA Concept®

THE EMMA concept®

Simply, the world's most advanced approach to breast surgery. No matter your desired procedure, the EMMA Concept® is specifically designed to fit your body and your lifestyle - natural beauty without limits.

Breast Perfection

Breast Augmentation

Breast Reduction


The very finest combination of science, technology, nature, and artistry.

The EMMA Concept® combines state-of-the-art implant materials, existing breast tissue, minimally invasive surgical techniques, and the finest surgical instruments for the most advanced breast enhancement available.

The EMMA Concept®'s technical precision is matched by its appreciation for the patient's natural physique. The result: beautifully enhanced, natural-looking breasts in perfect proportion with the patient's body.

Functional full-day living

From work to play to relaxation, in every climate and every setting, your procedure will only enhance your confidence - without physical complications or limits.

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The Journey to Costa Rica

We'll guide you with care from start to finish.

Fill out the consultation form to request a virtual appointment.

After your virtual appointment with Dr. Chacon, we'll send you instructions for medical exams we'll need pre-visit.

Once your exams are complete, Dr. Chacon will assess the results and let you know whether you're approved.

Once you have your surgery date, we recommend that you purchase medical and international travel insurance along with your airplane tickets to San Jose, Costa Rica (Juan Santamaria Airport - SJO). We will work with you on travel dates that give you time to recover post-surgery.

Our Concierge will work with you to coordinate accommodations, ground transportation, dining, and recovery plans. We will customize your itinerary to your needs and tastes.

Flight to Costa Rica! You'll be in our care shortly after you touch down in San Jose.

Welcome, check in, and pre-surgery appointment


Prescribed rest and recovery in Costa Rica

Post-surgeon appointment, post-surgery instructions, and transportation to Juan Santamaria Airport - SJO

Flight back home and virtual follow-up

Your care extends beyond Costa Rica. Your follow-up care includes a virtual follow-up and as-needed access to Dr. Chacon and staff with any questions.

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Travel To Costa Rica

Our travel concierges will plan a trip around your personal culinary, cultural, and logistical needs and desires.

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