Manuel Chacon, M.D., has changed the global standards for breast enhancement surgery. He has spoken at more than 300 conferences and trained the world's best physicians on the revolutionary EMMA Concept®.

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A Fresh approach to Breast enhancement: The Emma Concept®

Dr. Manuel Chacon studied with the finest surgeons in Europe before applying his own techniques to advance the field of breast enhancement. He is the first surgeon in the world to use the Mia® procedure, which is the foundation of the EMMA Concept®. His practice maximizes the use of your natural breast tissue, providing up to two cup sizes of enhancement with minimally invasive surgery that enables you to live without limitations.

Founder and creator of The Innovative EMMA concept®.

Achieving natural-looking breasts begins with a personalized plan and the preservation of your
own breast tissue. The EMMA Concept® provides functional, comfortable, exercise-friendly, proportional results with minimal recovery time.

The first Surgeon to use sixth-generation implant Materials

Dr. Chacon's team was the first to use Motiva implants, which use cutting-edge materials that work with existing breast tissue for natural-feeling, natural-looking results.

the World's Premier ergonomic implant Surgeon

Dr. Chacon doesn't ask his patients to choose between beauty and an active lifestyle. His approach balances each patient's beauty goals, lifestyle goals, and physical harmony to achieve a gorgeous natural look that accommodates any day-to-day routine.

the Inventor of A Better breast enhancement Technique

Dr. Chacon's patented surgery methodology, which combines implants with the patient's existing breast tissue, has raised the bar of aesthetic enhancement by lowering recovery times and preserving more of the patient's gorgeous natural look.

Clinical educator and master

Surgeons from around the globe train with Dr. Chacon to bring his precepts of physical harmony, breast tissue preservation, lifestyle versatility, and cutting-edge, minimally invasive techniques to their own practice.

With hundreds of physicians trained and thousands of happy patients treated, Dr. Chacon is one of the most sought-after surgeons in the world of breast perfection.

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Full-Body Experts

Our practice goes beyond breast enhancement to offer our patients head-to-toe options to live a richer, more beautiful life.

Dr. Pablo Solís

Body Contouring Expert

Each patient's physique and beauty ideals are her own. Dr. Solis practices thorough communication and a completely personalized approach to each surgery.

Dr. Stephanie monge

Facial Aesthetics Expert

Dr. Monge employs the very latest techniques in anti-aging and aesthetics to provide her patients with timeless, rejuvenated beauty.

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