Sustainable beautification that preserves your natural proportions and tissue - only in Costa Rica

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The world's most exclusive breast enhancement surgery - the EMMA Concept®, invented and perfected by Manuel Chacon, M.D., to provide beauty to fit any lifestyle - is waiting for you in Costa Rica.

The EMMA Concept® Differences

  • Use more of your existing breast tissue
  • Respect your natural anatomy and proportions
  • Wear any clothing
  • Keep your exercise routine
  • Enjoy long-lasting beauty
  • Work with world-renowned EMMA Concept® pioneer Manuel Chacon, M.D.
  • Recover quickly from the minimalist procedure
  • Experience our world-class facility

How to Prepare for The EMMA Concept®

Manuel Chacon, M.D.

  • Founder, inventor, and international instructor of the EMMA Concept®, the contemporary standard in minimally invasive breast enhancement.
  • Decades of education and training in advanced breast surgery
  • Has trained over 1,000 surgeons worldwide
  • Has given over 300 international presentations on the EMMA Concept®
About Dr. Chacon
Hannah - Charlotte, North Carolina

"After years of feeling self-conscious about my small breasts, I finally decided to undergo breast augmentation surgery. I was nervous about the procedure, but Dr. Chacón took the time to explain the Emma concept to me in detail and answered all of my questions. I'm so glad I chose Dr. Chacón! My results are amazing, and I feel more confident and beautiful than ever."

Hannah - Charlotte, North Carolina
Jennifer, Nashville, Tennessee

"Since I was little, I suffered from back pain and clothes never fit me well. I decided to have surgery at the European Center for Surgery in Costa Rica, and my life changed. I feel more confident and beautiful, and clothes fit me the way I always wanted them to."

Jennifer, Nashville, Tennessee
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We help each patient find harmony, proportion, sustainability, and durability while achieving their personal beauty ideal. The EMMAConcept® is an investment in today, tomorrow, and the lifestyle our patients have always dreamed of enjoying.

Manuel Chacon, M.D.

Chief Surgeon and inventor of The EMMA concept®, European Surgery Center

Our facilities

Our state-of-the-art facility blends Costa Rica's natural beauty and a commitment to sustainability with the AAAASF "Gold Standard" seal for quality patient care.

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