Safety, innovation, and world-class service.

Our clinic has achieved the highest international standards of safety and service. Experience personalized care in an eco-friendly setting from a staff dedicated to your comfort and satisfaction.

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world-class Technology, Costa Rican hospitality

Our clinic is the first in Latin America to offer the Motiva Image Room, which allows us to create an exact replica of the patient's body in 3D to help design the ideal implant for your physique and your personal taste. Experience a comprehensive simulation before a single medical step is performed.

The highest standards of Care

Our state-of-the-art facility blends Costa Rica's natural beauty and a commitment to sustainability with the AAAASF "Gold Standard" seal for quality patient care. You're in good hands at the European Surgery Center.

Personalized Client service

We realize that the pursuit of beauty is one of the more personal journeys a person can undertake. From the minute you fill out the intake form to the follow-up communication you'll receive when you're back home in your new life, we will be there to provide the best possible experience for each individual patient.

innovation & cutting-edge technology

Mastering an innovative procedure means investing in the best available technology. The European Surgery Center is proud to offer Motiva Imaging and the most comprehensively trained breast enhancement staff in the world.

Hannah - Charlotte, North Carolina

"After years of feeling self-conscious about my small breasts, I finally decided to undergo breast augmentation surgery. I was nervous about the procedure, but Dr. Chacón took the time to explain the Emma concept to me in detail and answered all of my questions. I'm so glad I chose Dr. Chacón! My results are amazing, and I feel more confident and beautiful than ever."

Hannah - Charlotte, North Carolina
Jennifer, Nashville, Tennessee

"Since I was little, I suffered from back pain and clothes never fit me well. I decided to have surgery at the European Center for Surgery in Costa Rica, and my life changed. I feel more confident and beautiful, and clothes fit me the way I always wanted them to."

Jennifer, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Founder, inventor, and international instructor of the EMMA Concept®, the contemporary standard in minimally invasive breast enhancement
  • Decades of education and training in advanced breast surgery
  • Has trained more tham 1,000 surgeons worldwide
  • Has given over 300 international presentations on the EMMA Concept®

The EMMA concept® training center

The staff and doctors at the European Surgery Center have more experience in performing the EMMA Concept® than any other location in the world. We are proud of our work and take great joy in seeing happy patients look forward to a beautiful new life.

Beauty, Nature, and a Central Location

Costa Rica is a world-favorite vacation destination for a reason: it's easy to get to and, once you experience its alluring natural and beauty and culture, hard to leave.

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